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Our Services

Alternative recruitment provides step-by-step guidance from application to enrolment to make dreams of higher study abroad a reality for genuine students. Book your FREE Consultation with us now to find out why more than five thousand students consider us the best education consultancy.

Our special services

Guidance from Skilled Counsellors

Our team of expert counselors offers tailor-made advice to both students and parents, aiding them in making well-informed choices about educational pathways and career trajectories. 

Documentation and Scholarly Avenues

Tackling the intricate documentation procedure for university applications is simplified through our step-by-step assistance. Our experts meticulously organise documents, facilitating a hassle-free process.

Comprehensive Visa Support

The pivotal step of obtaining a student visa is accompanied by our unwavering support. We provide thorough guidance, aiding students in understanding visa requisites and preparing them for visa interviews.

University Selection and Admission

 Navigating the university landscape is made effortless with our support. By aligning students' preferences, academic achievements, and aspirations, we help identify suitable institutions. 

Interview Excellence Preparation

Elevating students' self-assurance during interviews is paramount. Our comprehensive approach involves mock interview sessions, accompanied by constructive feedback.

Guidance for Parents & Students

Recognizing the pivotal role of parents, we extend our guidance to address their queries and concerns. By fostering a collaborative approach, we ensure a cohesive journey for students.

Language Proficiency Enhancement:

  • Beginners' Courses

    Tailored for those taking their first steps in language learning.

  • Spoken English

    Enhance conversational skills and fluency.

  • IELTS Preparation

    Our focused program aids students in excelling in the IELTS examination.

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